For Aria

How can one person have the power to define your self-worth? Without a word, without a look, they are just there and bam! You are worthless.

Something about them is better than you. Something about them reflects what you want to achieve. Because they are there in the room, you find yourself comparing, and what you see just doesn’t measure up.

“If only I could be like her. I would be thin, beautiful, smart, perfect. I would be happy. Everyone would like me, and everything would work out in my favor. I would love life, and it would love me.”

All this, based on a two-second glance at a person. This glance turns into something that rules your life. Suddenly you’re not good enough anymore. You’re not good enough because you’re not her. You don’t know her. You don’t know anything about her, but you know that she is…

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