“Asalam Alaikum!, Brother to the Philippine Embassy please”, was what I told the taxi driver. He answered, “Salam”, with a smile. This was around 8:30 in the morning, still feeling sleepy and kind of hungry. While I was sitting at the back, I kept myself busy with the edifices of Abu Dhabi, some are tall, some are short but all of them seem to be built with such grand and I can’t help but to mumble, “This is a blessed country”.  Still taking pleasure from the site of Abu Dhabi, I heard an upbeat music coming from the stereo taxi.  I have no idea what language it was sung, but still, it caught my attention from the outside, made me swing my head lightly and tap my legs with my fingers as the music goes on. There was something on it that made me feel light, something familiar that somehow I knew I have listened to this in one moment of my life. This is a nice music, I told myself and so I said to the taxi driver, “Brother, what a nice music you have on the air right now.” He replied, “Yes, this is a very nice music Sister, you know, this is a song to the God”. When I heard his reply, I said, “Ah that is why it gave me a familiar feeling when I heard it”.  I realized at this moment, that when it is about God, about His love for us, even if it is in different language, different melody and in different culture, when He is near, everything about Him is proverbial. “Brother, tell me, what is the song all about.” He narrated that it was a song that is praising God for all the good things He has done to humanity. He said with conviction that God deserves nothing but our praises and gratefulness for His kindness to all of us. While the taxi driver was saying all these things, it gave me goose bumps, it made me realize that this guy, on with the steering wheel right now, woke up so early in the morning, most probably did not have any breakfast at all, most likely will have lunch so late, will encounter passengers that are rude, will have a stiff back at the end of the day and in all likelihood  will suffer from a back pain, can still think of how lucky he is because God is so kind. Wow! Although I was so hungry earlier, when I saw this guy’s faith, it made me feel so stuffed. It made me feel blessed. I am blessed with this guy’s fervor on his devotion to God. While the music still goes on, I heard him sing along with the music, sometimes humming and tapping the steering wheel. He is indeed a happy guy. When we were almost near to my destination I asked him, “Brother, have you had your breakfast yet?” He answered, still with a smile, “Not yet sister, I don’t know if I can. But will probably have late lunch.” “Oh.”, I mumbled, “Here, take this small bag, it has chocolate in it and a piece of banana, that’s supposed to be my breakfast, take it. I’d like you to have it, because I feel so full when I was listening to your stories.”  He chuckled and replied, “Sister, life is short, and we can only have enough time to share how God is so good, Thank you for this bag.” I replied, “You are most welcome, and I pray that may you keep this happy disposition you have now. Take care and continue to be a blessing to everyone as you had been to me, Maasalam Brother!” I got off from the taxi blessed. I thanked God for manifesting His love through this extraordinary taxi ride and told myself smiling, “What can be nicer than this to start my day?” 🙂