Have A Dream

Are you satisfied with how you look?

Or, does your self-esteem revolve around your physical appearance?

To many people; “Youth means life and age means death.” Every year, millions are being spent by us on our bodies just to make us outwardly beautiful.

True beauty is not destroyed by age. True beauty is long lasting. It is not reflected in the physical features. But, in spiritual qualities, such as contentment, happiness and peace. And, it improve with the passage of time.

Growing older does not necessarily mean that it is time to sit back in our comfort zone. Growing old means that as we age, we grow. We learn. We discover new passions. New things that excite us and new wisdom. Unfortunately, the sad truth is, fear rob us our courage, enthusiasm and hope.

Learn to accept ageing as grace. Accept what you see in the mirror.  Be at peace with yourself as you let…

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  1. out of your entire writing, the part that sticks out to me the most is about your friend who “sliced” four years off of her age, to “keep” the man that she “wants.”,…hhhmmmmm…..to me, this is quite simply, very sad. again,…this is just “my” opinion, but i feel sad for “both” of them. everyone should be allowed to be exactly who we are. if someone has to remove four years from their age to be in a “good” relationship, or i should say, “one worth keeping?”….then that relationship is not worth having.
    conditional “love” like that, something that shallow, is going to have many more (not yet revealed) conditions that come along with it, due to the shallowness of the man who is placing the conditions (or are these conditions only placed on the relationship through your friends mind???)…my thoughts are is that she should cut and run and find someone who appreciates her without the petty and destructive conditions,…which will bring her much more peace about who she is, and her life in general,…..she will never measure up,….and will then always feel inferior,…..no one is inferior, unless we choose to be.
    these are just my thoughts………am i the only one who finds this to be sad,……i’ll illustrate it in a more simple “redneck” kind of manner,…..if my mother was dating a man (a man that i have already met, for example) and she told me that she “felt” that she had to remove four years from her age to keep him,…i don’t think that i would even say anything to my mother, but upon finding the man, i’d let him know that it WOULD ABSOLUTELY be in his best interest NEVER to contact my mother in any way, shape, or form, again!!!!……..men,…like him,….are the reason women think that good men don’t exist,……..unless of course, these women aren’t looking for a good man in the first place.
    men, who truly have other sincere men friends,….tell them to be men of integrity, no matter what! in all situations!
    after all,…any woman,….no matter how OLD SHE IS……is someone’s little girl…………..she should demand respect in her choices……..when we make our beds,…we sleep in them,……….sometime,….by “choice”,….we sleep with snakes

  2. i have told my daughter that for any man to spend time with her, this is a privilege,….for example…….by the way,…..i do not consider the following to be excessive if it helps any woman alive to feel better, or simply, feel good, about who she is…….jus sayin……..


    priv·i·lege [prívvəlij, prívvlij] n (plural priv·i·leg·es)
    1. restricted right or benefit: an advantage, right, or benefit that is not available to everyone
    2. rights and advantages enjoyed by (the man) the rights and advantages enjoyed by a relatively small group of people

    3. special honor: a special treat or honor
    It was a privilege to (spend time) with you.

    4. confidentiality of communication: the special right to confidentiality of communication between two parties,
    1. give somebody special rights: to grant special rights or benefits to somebody or something

    [12th century. Via French < Latin privilegium "private law"

    i tell her to demand respect,….and,…."if" she finds a man who treats her this way in today's world,…….to hang on tight!!!!,…….but, if a man does NOT treat her in this way,….then, kick him to the curb!!!! quickly!!!!!,….do not expect "HIM TO CHANGE!!!!",………
    i also tell her,….if she DOES FIND A MAN WHO TREATS HER THIS WAY,….to be sure to treat him the same way, in return,….or, in "agreement!",…as this is WHAT LOVE IS!!!!!
    and finally,….if she does not treat a "good" man with mutual respect herself,….THEN SHE NEEDS TO BE PREPARED TO GET KICKED TO THE CURB HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!

    ok,….i think that about covers it!, (lol)…..oh, by the way,…..how are you today!???!,….i hope you have forgiven me for the rather "awkward" way that i found your page the other night (i'm still uncertain as to how i did so???? lol),……but,….i am glad i did!!!! toksoon, john e doe

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