There is a cloud over my head this year. Yes, this year, not just this month, or this week. One thing after another has happened. I just think things can’t get worse and, of course, they do.

I was thinking about all my misfortunes this year, and suddenly out of the blue that wonderful quote said by Charles Dickens came into my head and made me realize I am probably attracting all this misfortune by the way I am thinking.

Charles Dickens quote is:
“Reflect on your present blessings of which every man has many,
not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

The quote made me realize that, yes I have had misfortune, but, when I stop and think about all my blessings they certainly out number my misfortunes.

Here are two questions for you to reflect on:

1. how many times a day do you talk about your blessings or all the things that are going right in your life?
2. how many times do you talk about your misfortunes or all the things that are going wrong in your life?

It seems to be human nature that we talk about what is going wrong, not what is going right. And, when we do this, it truly affects our attitude, which in turn affects our happiness. Changing your thinking can change your happiness. Focusing on the good things, rather than the bad, actually makes life much easier and truly brings you stress relief.

Another tip for changing your attitude and your happiness, is no matter what happens, ask yourself, “what is the good in this”. An example: our studio roof collapsed from the weight of snow and ice. It certainly was a bad experience, but there was good in it. We ended up renovating our barn and now have a much nicer studio to work in -more room, and, better organized.

When you look for the good in everything that happens to you, it will amaze you and it will help you to count your many blessings. And, rather than complaining and moaning to other people, you will be telling them the positive side of the situation and actually helping them to realize that there is good in everything that happens.

There is another saying that goes like, “write your troubles in dust, your blessings in marble”. Stay focused on your blessings, even when your misfortunes seem to be overwhelming. Doing this will bring you stress relief and help you to appreciate all the good in your life!

Written by: Catherine Pulsifer



  1. I use my blessing to express the world we should create; I use my misery to explain a world we want to stay away from. Optimism is an endanger species, because people love drama. When we only see our benefits people tend to feel overwhelmed by the positive. They believe its unreality to have a great life with so many positives attached to it. They fail to see that the positives are attached to us, some people see it, where others don’t. Great post, I love to see people walking towards the light instead of sitting in the dark!!!!

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