If only I had a better job. If only I had more money. If only I had a new car. If only I had more time off. If only I had a university degree.
If only I had money for a vacation. If only I was skinner.
If only I had more clothes.

If only – two words which should be banned from the English language.

Many people think they would be happier, if only they had……

However, the secret to happiness is not “if only”, but “today I have”. Enjoy what you have today.

We sometimes wait for happiness in the future and forget to appreciate what we have today. We tend to wish our life away waiting for that moment in time when our “if only” comes true. When we do this, we fail to appreciate the moment and what we have today.

And, worse than wishing for our “if only” is when we do get to that point and achieve what yesterday’s “if only” was, we quickly start again, wishing for a new “if only”. We don’t take the time to enjoy what we do have and what we have achieved.

The saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination” can be applied here. We need to take time to enjoy the journey, not always rushing to get to the destination.

To demonstrate this saying, think about a recent vacation you took, once you arrived back at your final destination, back home, you realize what a great time you had and many people find themselves wishing for more of the vacation. The vacation was actually the journey, not the destination of returning home. Life is the same way; it is the journey in life that is truly important.

The next time you find yourself thinking about “if only”, stop and count your blessings for what you have today. Enjoy the moment. If you do this you will find more happiness in your life and you will truly enjoy the journey!

Written by: Catherine Pulsifer


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