Let me love you one day at a time…

and please love me the very same say. May we never learn all there is to know about love, but every day together will teach us a little more about ourselves and the special kind of happiness we can bring to each other. One of the best things you’ve helped me learn is that love starts with being honest, speaking straight from how we really feel. I like how we’ve opened doors and windows of our lives, and invited each other to come in, look around, and get acquainted. The more I’m with you, the more at home I feel.

Let me love you one day at a time…

Why talk about “always” and say things we’re not sure we mean when we can talk about today and mean exactly what we say. Let’s think of each sunrise as a fresh start, a brand new beginning… and try to fill each day with as much love as it can hold. I know you’re not always going to be exactly the same person Sunday through Saturday, January through December, and neither am I. We both need laughing times and crying times… and time for every mood in between. The important thing is that you can be the kind of you that feels most natural and that I can be my most favorite kind of me. That’s what makes us so comfortable together…
It’s also what keeps us from taking too much for granted.

Let me love you one day at a time…

Let’s not wonder how long love will last but how beautiful we can make it grow. Let’s give our best to each other, but let’s never expect miracles of our love. There’s no need to…
The reality of you and me is better than all the impossible dreams and fantasies I’ve ever imagined. Being with you is feeling proud, blessed, grateful for each hour we share.

Let me love you one day at a time…

not according to any How-To book, or by someone else’s set of rules… but simply for who you are and how you are with me. And please love me, not for what I might be molded into, but for what I am here and now. Don’t expect me to be someone all good and all giving, someone who could never disappoint you… someone too right to be real and too perfect to be me. I’m just as human as anyone I know… and very thankful that you are, too. Let’s try to remember that love means keeping in touch with each other’s thoughts and feelings… listening not just to words, but to the emotions behind them… seeing, not just the smiles and frowns but the hurt
and pleasures that cause them.

Let me love you one day at a time…

starting today. Let’s have the courage to try to change whatever needs changing about us, and wisdom to know what should never be changed. Believing in ourselves and in our ability to handle whatever tomorrow brings… and trusting that this love we share will continue to grow stronger as the future years unfold…
One Beautiful Day at a Time.


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