The most miserable people are those who care only about themselves, who understand only their own troubles, who see only their own perspectives.

A self-absorbed person only can see the faults of others but they are often color blind to their own.

The concept of being miserable person and self-absorbed person is very much synonymous with self-preoccupied, self-centered, self-obsessed—and even egotistical and selfish.

It’s quite difficult to deal with, and could be traumatizing too with this … I should say… toxic person.

 A selfish person cares only for their own comfort and pleasures,  and is not considerate for anyone else.

“Look at my worry. Worry with me. Step into my life. Care about my problems. Care about me.” [ Sharon Creek]

Selfish people are emotional pirates. They crave for your attention, but don’t give you any. They do not see the world from another person’s eyes. How the world affects other people really doesn’t concern them.



They want to dominate in any relationship because they see relationships as a tool for getting what they want and making themselves the center of attention. Unless you are doing something for them, they will care.


For the self-absorbed person the problem is either “you” or the “other”- never “me”. They will leave you feeling weak, unappreciated and miserable.


No matter what you do, they’d constantly make you feel like you aren’t giving enough back to them and they’d still pick flaws with you or overlook your nice side. And even your nicest friendly or romantic gestures would be treated as ordinary and nothing spectacular.


If you’re gonna be selfish then don’t expect people to be there for you when you need someone.




Leon F. Seltzer Ph.D.



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