Siomai is a traditional steamed Chinese dumpling which is usually made by filling siomai/wonton wrappers with pork, beef, shrimp or combination of both. My family love this yummy food so I gave it a thought of making it myself as the ingredients are easily available in the market. Thank God it turned out good and tasty and without fail! I have made it several times already. Here below is my homemade PORK SIOMAI.

Ground pork, shredded/grated carrots and turnips, spring onion, finely chopped onion…


Add eggs…


Add bread crumbs and oyster sauce…


Mixed everything… wrap in siomai/wonton wrappers and the steam it…


Sorry, haven’t taken the shot of wrapping it in wrappers. Anyway, here is the finish siomai!


Siomai is usually dipped in soy sauce or chili garlic sauce.


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